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Cooking is a real art and creativity that has no boundaries! On November 30, the long-awaited event - CREATIVE CHEFS SUMMIT 2020 - “KITCHEN WITHOUT LIMITS” took place. In a new format, but no less interesting and informative. Maresto, as a constant partner, thanks the organizers, participants and spectators, because we are all in love with cooking. Outstanding chefs of Ukraine acted as speakers: Savva Libkin, Viktor Titov, Mark Cervetti, Anatoly Larchev, Darwin Sedeño, Igor Lavreshin, Salvatore de Vivo, Alex and Alya Yakutov, Georges Pionov, Evgeny Masich, Evgeny Korolev, Roberto Armaroli, Andrey Velichko, Ilya Semin, Evgeny Menzelevsky. Professionals of modern culinary art talked about dishes, cooking techniques, shared secrets and their own vision of a kitchen that has no boundaries. You don't need to create frames to cook deliciously. After all, they exist only in our head.
Even the most sophisticated oven requires a competent installation in the right place in your kitchen
And if you are just opening an institution, our comprehensive offer is for you

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