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The best solutions for the HoReCa segment, food production, supermarkets and bakeries.

Since its founding in 1999, Maresto has become more than just a brand. Today Maresto is a model for the Ukrainian equipment market.

Innovation and striving for development
- important principles of the company, leading to success!

Maresto Success Story

1999year abbr.
History of creation

As part of the Byttekhnika chain of electronics stores, a department for professional technological equipment has been created. The new division provides comprehensive services for professional food production, such as: restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes.

2008year abbr.
Company rebranding

A full-fledged separate company Technology Group Maresto is being created from the technological equipment department. The new brand Maresto occupies its niche in the Ukrainian market of technological equipment for HoReCa. Also, 2008 is the year the creation and development of the dealer network, which allows you to work with all cities of Ukraine.

2014year abbr.
Development of the company

Due to the current situation in the eastern region of the country, the company's central office is moving to Kiev. The design department of the company begins to comprehensively serve large supermarket chains, such as: Novus, Silpo, Varus. The rapid development of fast food and full-fledged restaurants at the gas station is developing another new promising direction in business.

2016year abbr.
Importer of the Year

Leadership in the market is confirmed by the National Business Rating, according to which, the company Maresto became the “Importer of the Year” for the best indicators of foreign economic activity!

2017year abbr.
Expert #1 in the field of technologies and equipment for the gastro business

Today Maresto is a leading national operator in the market of technological equipment in Ukraine. The company’s professional portfolio has more than 3,000 completed properties. An integrated approach to equipping facilities allows customers to get not just an equipped kitchen, but a ready-made business: well-established production, trained personnel and quality service!

Maresto today is:

more than 100 world brands
in the briefcase
15,000 pieces of equipment
in stock
3000 m2 area
storage facilities
100 employees
in the state
160 dealers
all over Ukraine
Main office
Kiev, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Lviv
24/7 service
national scale service network

Our mission

Using our expert knowledge and professionalism, providing access to advanced technologies and modern equipment, help the Ukrainian gastro-business to increase its efficiency and attractiveness for customers.

Our values

The attendant will respond to your request within a maximum of two hours
Popular spare parts are always available, which speeds up the repair process.
If necessary, we will carry out repairs even at night, on weekends or holidays
We provide a replacement during the repair so that your work does not stop even for a minute

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We do not just sell equipment.

We implement any ideas, tasks and requests!