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When choosing certain criteria, you can easily get the complete solution you need.

about an integrated approach

A well-equipped restaurant kitchen helps improve workflows.


To do this, consider:

The selection of equipment depends on the choice of format of the institution. Some of its types, for example, bar and refrigeration, will be required by almost any institution
How many people you can serve at the full load of your kitchen depends on the number of seats. Also, the total area of the room and the menu affects the number of seats.
Based on the area of the kitchen, you need to choose the right equipment. With improperly selected equipment and its placement, the performance of your kitchen will be less than expected.
The flow of people into your institution depends on how you make the menu. You need to consider seasonality, climate, taste preferences, serving and much more.

Successful restaurant makes not only in the beautiful interior or the talent of the chef.

Also important is what's inside - the kitchen, which is good equipment.

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Reviews of restaurateurs

We are pleased. We are recommended to others


Dmitry Morozov


The Silpo supermarket chain expresses its gratitude to the Maresto team for the timeliness, efficiency and responsibility in fulfilling orders. A competent and clear organization, coherence, flexibility in the work in your team allows our enterprises to be modern, high-tech and successful.

Sergei Pedchenko


For many years we have been cooperating with the company Maresto. During this time, we constantly turned to your employees for help in selecting equipment, for various technological consultations. And always we get what we expect. It is a great honor for us to work with such professionals, and we look forward to further close cooperation!


Yuri Zagrodsky


Having made a request for updating the current facility, we received a quality offer taking into account our wishes. We thank the company Maresto for successful cooperation, namely, the implementation of the robot for the design of the restaurant’s kitchen, integrated equipment and installation of equipment. We look forward to further understaffing with Maresto!

Dilshod Avazov

GoodWine Chef

Helped formulate the idea into the project, consulted and worked out all the details! The operation of the supplied equipment by renowned European manufacturers has allowed us to conclude that Maresto is a reliable partner for our further purchases. We are ready to recommend it to everyone as a professional and talented team.