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Mono Equipment is one of the leaders in the production and supply of bakery equipment in the UK. The range of its products is provided by ovens, dough mixers, dough rounders, gaskets, refrigerators, knives, as well as other equipment needed in the industrial kitchen.

Mono Equipment was founded in the middle of the last century, and during its work has built up a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality equipment, combining the best traditions of British craftsmanship with the latest technological developments.

Mono Equipment supplies the specialized equipment necessary to meet the ever-growing needs of the bakery, catering establishments and pastry shops. The indisputable advantages of these products are excellent quality, reliability and reasonable price.

The widest range of Mono Equipment products allows you to select individual items of equipment for a catering company, as well as fully equip a professional kitchen. In addition to its main products, the company offers consumers products of subsidiaries and trading partners, and also guarantees excellent after-sales service for the purchased products.